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IncentAPrize Promotions 

The Incentaprize Network is DIFFERENT from other networks.  Networks all over the industry try to get more traffic by giving bonuses and other "incentives" to use their sites.  This just means that they lower the credit value of the offers to make up for these bonuses and incentives.

At IncentAPrize, there ARE no bonuses or other incentives.  What we do instead is offer THE HIGHEST CREDIT VALUES on all of our offers, making this THE EASIEST network in the industry for your referrals to complete!  Your referrals will have to do LESS OFFERS to complete their requirements, which will make them happier, and YOU happier too, since your referral completion rate will be higher!

Just Plain And Simple:

- HIGHEST Offer Credit Values! -
- FASTEST Approvals & Payouts! -
- EASIEST Sites To Complete! -
- AWESOMEST Support Staff! -


Now for the "Perks":

  If you complete the "Regional Manager" level at any point, you will be given free greens on ALL of the IncentAPrize Network sites!  Just sign up on all the other sites, and put in a support ticket on Regional Manager to get your free greens on the other sites.

What you can ALWAYS Expect from LFK Products Network Sites:

On ALL of our LFK Products network sites, you can expect, AND deserve, the best quality offers with some of the best offer credit values available in the industry.  Also, we pay out FAST!  Usually within just hours of placing an order, but definitely payments made multiple times a day!  This means you will get your money FAST, and mutliple times a day as your orders are placed.  Our Customer Service is also next to none, and your questions are answered timely and professionally.  You can EXPECT this level of quality ALWAYS from any of our LFK Products Network Sites.

We are a "Spam Free" service!  We will never use or sell your personal information!  For Complete Terms of Service information, as well as our Privacy Policy, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy information listed in locations all over the sites, at the bottom of every page, and on the SUPPORT page on all of our network sites.

IncentAPrize: A Better Way To Make Money

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50 Dollar Gift Cards

We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the LFK Products Family!  50DollarGift.Cards is an excellent incentivized site that pays out in several different ways.  You have your choice of an excellent selection of $50 Gift Cards, or you can get $50 to your PayPal account, $50 by Direct Deposit, $50 to you in any way you want.  This is an excellent site to get your Gift Cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, Olive Garden, Starbucks, on and on and on!  Or, if you just like to be paid your commission, you can do that too!

This site has the credit values you want too!  It has the SAME credit values as most $40 sites, and will make it easy for your referrals to complete the site with the least amount of completed offers.  Give it a try!