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MyCashFreebies Spring Promotions

MyCashFreebies Spring Promotions

Spring is here! For this Spring, MyCashFreebies has some promotions guaranteed to warm you up after this cold Winter!  First, there will be an awesome 25% bonus on the top of ALL orders placed on ALL MyCashFreebies sites! This will be our standing bonus promotion on MyCashFreebies until June gets here and brings the Summer with it.

Here is a breakdown of the payouts to you for all your orders on MyCashFreebies:

All $10 Site Orders will get a Payout of $12.50 per referral!

All $15 Site Orders will get a Payout of $18.75 per referral!

All $20 Site Orders will get a Payout of $25.00 per referral!

All $30 Site Orders will get a Payout of $37.50 per referral!

All $40 Site Orders will get a Payout of $50.00 per referral!

All $60 Site Orders will get a Payout of $75.00 per referral!

All $80 Site Orders will get a Payout of $100.00 per referral!


Bonus Promos:

For the month of March, we are giving out $100 bonuses for the first half and last half of March.  To get in on this drawing, just place orders!  Every order you place will give you a ticket in the drawing for the $100 bonus.  The first bonus will be for the 1st through the 15th, with the drawing on the 16th and announced publicly at that time.  The second drawing will be for the 16th through the 31st, with drawing and announcement on the 1st of April.  These drawing are for ALL of the LFK Products Sites, and everyone has a chance to win, as long as you place an order or orders during the time periods listed. (1st - 15th, 16th - 31st).  The more orders you place, the better your chances of winning!  So get those orders in!  Bonuses will be paid by the normal method that user cashes out their orders (PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, etc...).

ALSO, if you cash out on 3 or more referrals at the SAME TIME, we will give you an extra 5% bonus (30% total bonus!). During the approval process, if you have 3 referrals, and any of them are placed on hold for any reason, the order will be automatically cancelled so that you can either wait on that referral to get their hold lifted, get another referral to replace the one on hold, or decide that you would like to go ahead and cashout on the other referrals. You MUST have 3 completed referrals at the time of payment of your order to take advantage of this 30% promotion.

What you can ALWAYS Expect from LFK Products Network Sites:

On ALL of our LFK Products network sites, you can expect, AND deserve, the best quality offers with some of the best offer credit values available in the industry.  Also, we pay out FAST!  Usually within an hour of placing an order, but definitely payments made multiple times a day!  This means you will get your money FAST, and mutliple times a day as your orders are placed.  Our Customer Service is also next to none, and your questions are answered timely and professionally.  You can EXPECT this level of quality ALWAYS from any of our LFK Products Network Sites.

We are a "Spam Free" service!  We will never use or sell your personal information!  For Complete Terms of Service information, as well as our Privacy Policy, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy information listed in locations all over the sites, at the bottom of every page, and on the SUPPORT page on all of our network sites.

MyCashFreebies Spring Promotions

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