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February 10th, 2014

Sorry for the delay on the Winter promotions! We have been doing a lot of considering, and a lot of thought about how we want to move forward. For now, the Fall promotions will remain in effect, but we should have our new bonus structures ironed out by March 1st. We will update the forums as soon as we have made our final decisions, and put together the new bonus structure.


October 3rd, 2013

Fall/Winter Promotions
The following promotions are good from NOW through February 28th, 2014

It’s Fall time! We love this time of year! Leaves changing… Fall air… It’s awesome! So we plan on keeping with the traditions of Fall, and giving you some cool bonuses for your orders.

These Promotions are Good on
Paradise Freebies and MyCashFreebies ONLY!


On Paradise Freebies: JustOne.ParadiseFreebies.com

On MyCashFreebies: Single.MyCashFreebies.com


25% Bonuses on Half-Credit, One-Credit and Two-Credit Sites!

For this Fall, Paradise Freebies and MyCashFreebies will be giving you a Cool 25% bonus on all of our sites! THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE any of the “One Offer” or “Two Offer” sites, nor ANY of the Free Treasure Chest Sites!

Here is the bonus breakdown:

On All Half-Credit and One-Credit $20 sites
(Earth, Island, AtHome, Express, Twenty,
Zazz-20, Half, InTheBag)
$20 + 25% Bonus = $25 Per Referral!

On All One-Credit $40 sites
(Heavenly, OnTheRoad, Jungle, Fishing,
MCF, FinePrint, Forty, Zazz-40)
$40 + 25% Bonus = $50 Per Referral!

On All One-Credit $60 sites
(Mountain, Ocean, Audio, Video, Sixty, Zazz-60)
$60 + 25% Bonus = $75 Per Referral!

On All One and Two-Credit $80 sites
(Fire, Ice, Banknote, LegalTender, Eighty)
$80 + 25% Bonus = $100 Per Referral!

On Our One-Credit $100 Site
$100 + 25% Bonus = $125 Per Referral!


10% Bonuses on ALL TWO-OFFER Sites!

All of our Two-Offer Sites this Fall will have a generous 10% bonus!

Here is the bonus breakdown:

On All TWO-OFFER $30 sites
(OnlyTwo, Wind, Double, SmallChange, Thirty, Zazz-30)
$30 + 10% Bonus = $33 Per Referral!


Have a Cool Fall with LFK Products!!

Payment Options For All Networks!

April 2nd, 2012

Our Networks offer Multiple Payment Options for your convenience. Please note that some options have minimum commission requirements, and some have payment time restrictions (once a week, twice a week, etc…) Here are the Payment Options available for all of our networks:

PayPal Payments (no minimum, daily payouts)

With this option, your commission goes directly into your verified PayPal account. Payment frequency is daily, sometimes more often when able. The advantage of this option is that payments are immediately available to you from your verified PayPal account. Also, PayPal has available PayPal debit cards for verified members of at least 90 days. For more information on PayPal and to create your own account with them, visit www.paypal.com

Payment by Company Check (no minimum, daily payouts)

This option is one of our best options, if you do not have a PayPal or AlertPay account. When you place your order by Company Check, the check goes out the next business day, and will arrive in just a couple of days. There is no minimum payout requirements! Also, they are sent First Class mail, so you do not have to sit at home and wait for them to sign for them. However, it is VITAL that all the information in your account is absolutely accurate. Your name, address, etc… must be correct for them to arrive promptly, and so that you do not have issues depositing them. This is ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Also, all checks are monitored closely so that when they are cashed or deposited, there is no recourse on your part to say “I didn’t receive my check!”.

Payment by Direct Deposit (no minimum, daily payout)

When you have reached a point where you are doing well, and making good commission, this option may be for you. This allows a completely “hands off” approach to getting your commission, as your payments are sent directly to your bank account when you place your order. This option must be “arranged”, and takes 5 to 7 days to verify and approve your deposit account for Direct Deposit. If you are interested in using Direct Deposit you must contact us by support ticket or email to receive an “authorization form” that must include your account information from your bank account. Once you have been approved for Direct Deposit, your payments will then be sent directly to your account via Automated Clearing House. (ACH) Your payments will then show up the next business day, right in your account!

Payment by Money Order ($100 minimum, weekly payouts)

With this option, you are able to get your commission by US Postal Service Money Orders. This is a great option if you do not have a bank account, or a PayPal account. You are able to cash your payment right at the post office (with appropriate ID), or deposit them how you see fit. The disadvantage of this option is that there is a $100 minimum on them, and payments go out once a week on Wednesday. Also, all money orders are sent “Certified”, and you will be required to present ID and sign for them when they come to your house, or pick them up at the post office. The first time you request a money order, you will be asked to verify all of your account information, so that the money order arrives at the correct address, and that your name is correct on the ID that must be presented when signing for them.

Welcome to My Cash Paradise!

August 15th, 2010

This is our home site for The Paradise Freebies Network, The Free Treasure Chest Network, and The My Cash Freebies Network.  We are constantly striving on all of our networks for excellence in Customer Service and Customer Care, and to bring you some of the best offer credit weights available in the industry.

On this home site, you will be able to find the latest on these three awesome freebie networks, along with contact information, promotions, just about anything you need to know about us.   You will also find excellent information on how to complete offers, browser set-up, and other information that will allow you to green easily on our network sites.

Each of our networks has it’s own areas in the main menu on the right sidebar.  Promotions for our networks can be found under “Network Promotions”, so if you are looking for our latest promotions, you will find them there.  They will also be linked directly from our sites, as well as from the trading forums.

There will be times when promotions will not be listed here on our home site, such as referral races and forum specific promotions such as proof post promotions.  Please take a look on your favorite forum at our sub-forums, so that you can stay informed on the latest promotions available to you!

What We Are

Paradise Freebies, Free Treasure Chest, and My Cash Freebies are known as “IFW” (Incentive Freebie Websites).  We provide Free Gifts, Free Prizes, Free Merchandise, and Free Cash (through PayPal Gifts) to people who refer others to our networks to try trial offers and direct purchase offers.  These offers are provided to us by advertisers who wish to market their products and services to the public.  Through this relationship, we are able to provide your referrals with some of the hottest new product and service trials available anywhere!

What We Are NOT

We are NOT direct cash or “GPT” (Get Paid To) networks.  We are strictly referral based, which means that you must be referred to the sites, and compensated through the person who referred you.  There are a great number of ways to get referred to our sites, but the most common is through a trading forum.  For more information on trading forums, go to the “Forums” section in the Main Menu.

If you are already trading freebie sites, we occasionally have available “Free Greens” on our networks (by promotion only), so that you can immediately add us to your trade threads and start sending referrals of your own to the sites.  So you completely understand…  If you sign up on our network sites un-referred and complete offers, we will not pay you, but you will reach your offer requirements and be able to send referrals afterward.  You must be a referral of another person, and that person is responsible for paying you as their referral.

Offer Requirements

All of our sites have “Offer Requirements”.  This is the amount of offer credit that is required for you to reach the minimum offers needed to complete the site, and be able to start sending referrals to them yourself.  All of our networks provide a wide variety of sites with different offer requirements.  They range from only one offer to complete the site, two offer sites, One-Credit sites, and Two-Credit sites.  On the “Credit” sites, each offer has a “credit value” which is just a decimal number.  The goal on a “One-Credit” site is to add up the offer credit values to equal one.  The credit values range through the whole spectrum of decimal values, for example: .05, .25, .50, etc…  So on a “One-Credit” site, you would have to complete two “.50″ offers to reach the offer requirements on that site. This is the same with the “Two-Credit” sites.